Wanted foreign volunteers!

EDO-kai is looking for foreign volunteers.
Interaction with Japanese, those who are interested in volunteering
Entries are welcome.

English salon

EDO-kai has a English salon for foreigners who wish to exchange with Japanese (EDO-kai members).
You can exchange in English or Japanese.
There are foreign exchange salon, English conversation salon.

The topic of foreign exchange salon is introducing each other’s culture, introducing individuals, etc.You can exchange with a theme of your choice freely.
Transportation expenses will be paid.

The English conversation salon is aimed at learning English conversation, but if foreigners who can speak English participate, you can communicate your English conversation knowledge to Japanese learners.
Conversely from Japanese learners you can absorb knowledge about Japanese.
The participation fee is 500 yen per time.

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We are looking for instructors of English conversation salon

Foreign instructor who speaks English we are recruiting, we do not care Japanese conversation abilities.
The role of the instructor is to provide topics on everyday English conversation to Japanese participants, and to talk happily about the subject with Japanese participants.
The final goal is to some extent to improve the ability of Japanese participants to improve their English conversation
We do not ask instructors to teach knowledge systematically like English teacher.
We pay 1,500 yen per salon once as a key money.

We are recruiting participants for community contribution activities.

You will find that participating in community contribution activities
can help the community. You will further deepen your understanding of Japanese culture and customs.

Community Contribution Activities

Examples of community contribution activities

  • Cooperation for local festivals
  • Bon odori
  • Regional sports events
  • Wanking sumo wrestling
  • emergency training
  • Cooperation for events organized by Ota Ward
    • Tamagawa river cleaning
    • Citizens’ Forum
    • etc.
  • Participate in and cooperate with local organizations’ events
    • tea party
    • etc.

Those who wish for information on various community contribution activities (Japanese and English)
In the subject line of “inquiry”, write “wanted delivery offering”
Write e-mail address, name, nationality, language, sex and gender.