English salon

We have two types of english salon.
One is english conversation salon and the other is international exchange salon.

Enlish conversation salon 
The cost per lesson is 500 yen.
Currently, our salons are held in 5 locations in Ota ward. You can choose the location that is the most convenient to you. We offer beginner, beginner+ and intermediate level salons.

Salon Venues

Esena Ota Omori kita 4-16-4
Ota Kumin Plaza Shimomaruko3-1-3
Mics Ota, Shohisha seikatu center Kamata 5-13-26
Ota bunka no mori chuou2-10-1
Kamata office Nishi Kamata 5-14-13

Beginner class

This course is designed for people, who’d like to learn English at the level of the first grade of Japanese junior high school. You can learn how to introduce yourself and practice some useful every day phrases in English.


In this course you will receive topics to discuss with your partner/group and will be asked to present/explain your ideas to the rest of the class. This course is great for these who’d like to brush up basic communication skills and be able to shop, order meals in a restaurant, ask for directions when traveling abroad. 40-60% of this class is taught in English.


This class is best for those, who feel comfortable with basic English conversation and are able to talk freely about every day life topics. The discussions will take a more specific approach. Most discussions in this class are built around seasonal topics and major world/Japan news. 50-80% of this course is taught in English.

How to choose the right class for you

When choosing the course you should consider

  1. The amount of English used during lessons
  2. Language skills level
  3. Class atmosphere

It is possible to try out several different salons.
Participation in every curse requires a membership registration.
You can register for up to two courses at the same time.


If you’d like to join us, please schedule an orientation session in our office.
At the orientation you will be shown a short video about EDO kai and the different activities and courses we offer. Our office staff will provide additional information and answer any additional questions you might have. You can register your membership with our staff after the video.

The membership is renewed every year

On your application you can check the participation of salons, volunteering, international exchange salons, community activities involvement.

International exchange salon
Our international exchange salons are friendly discussion based gatherings, where we provide an opportunity for our members to talk freely to people from other countries about practical every day things. It’s a great chance to use your English skills and learn new things.

Please feel free to contact our office and our receptionists will be happy to answer any of your questions.
TEL 03-6424-5785
Office hours : Mon-Fri 11:00-15:00