What is network type HomeStay / visit

For foreigners who want to learn more about Japanese culture, life, customs, etc. and want to exchange more with Japanese people, edo-kai offers 1 night 2 day homestay or home visit.

Host families are members of the English conversation club from OTA members or affiliated organizations and general families who are cooperating.

In addition to regular homestay / visit, EDO-kai carries out a“ network type homestay / visit ”which participates in the local corporate and group events, cooperates, and also performs volunteer activities.

After participating in the event, cooperation, volunteer activity, in the “network type homestay / visit”, you will be able to exchange with related persons of the organizer or participating organization.

In the“ network type homestay / visit”, EDO-kai members, organizers and participants of the participating groups who interacted at the event become host families and are seeking homestay / visiting applicants.

EDO-kai’s Home-stay /Home-visit programs don’t only introduce the participants to host families but also offer unique opportunities to experience local lifestyle.


Meet with groups having interest in multicultural coexistence.
Meet with the members of neighborhood association that work on real life issues for multicultural residents such as disaster prevention, garbage disposal and noise complaints.


Meet with people in a local shopping area. They expect customers from foreign countries.
We plan for you to communicate with the business leaders of there. They provide various service to welcome visitors from overseas.


Meet with company or local business group.
We plan for you to meet with them to enhance the mutual understanding of different values
through face to face interaction.


Meet with active members of EDO-kai.
They are elder experienced people and learn English conversation lessons hosted by EDO-kai.

1. Outline of Home stay/ Home visit

Home-stay: 2 days 1 night

  • Dinner and breakfast will be covered.
  • Transport expenses will be covered by participant
  • Private use of telephone at host-family’s will be covered by participant.

Home-visit: daytime short visit (couple of hours)

  • Transport expenses will be covered by participant

If you are interested in participating a Home-stay or Home-visit program, please fill out the Visitor Registration Form. (attached)

2. Home Stay Schedule(sample)

  Period of Time Content
First Day Morning Meet up
Hello from President of EDO-kai
Contact office
Join the EDO-kai Salon
Around 12:00 Lunch
Afternoon Meeting or visit
 neighborhood association
 local company or business group
 local shopping street asociation
Evening Home Stay
 Meet with home -stay Families
 Confirmation of Informative matter



2nd Day Morning Breakfast

END of Home-stay

Questionnaire filled

Overview of Home Visit

If you are interested in visiting the home, please contact EDO-kai.
We have host family to introduce.
After you join the event and interact, you may be able to recommend home visit from your host family.
Home visit has no fixed process and you will contact your host family to decide your journey.