Community Contribution Activities

EDO-kai is an English conversation club, but since the foundation we have been doing activities aiming at contributing to the region.

In the modern society, the community has weakened and become an elderly low-birth child society, so various problems such as problems of nursing care, child rearing and education are not easy to solve, and all citizens participate in various forms If it does not become society is going to end.
In such an era, not only the pursuit of only the purpose of the group but also the society’s problems, all the organizations are required to contribute to the community.

we will introduce some of the regional contribution activities that the EDO- kai is doing.

Cooperation and support for disaster prevention drills

Town councils and self-governing associations are also required to communicate information properly to residents including foreigners at the time of disasters such as major earthquake, local heavy rain, typhoon, storm surge, tsunami, etc., regularly There are an increasing number of town councils and self-government associations engaged in disaster-prevention drills.

EDO-kai cooperates with town councils and self-governing associations, invites foreign residents who live in, and has interpreters, guides and so on.

Cooperation and support for festivals

Due to the aging of the population, the number of people shouldering the mikoshi in the local festival is short and there are areas where it is difficult to organize festivals.
EDO-kai introduces foreign students and introduces them as a staff member to carry the mikoshi.

Cooperation and support for regional shopping districts

We are doing activities to support shopping districts and others who want to increase foreign customers towards the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games in 2020.

・Introduce foreign students to shopping street events

・Dispatch of instructor
We are dispatching lecturers for customer service English training.

Holding junior high school English speech contest

In the global era of the economy, business people need to improve their English conversation skills.

We hold an English speech contest once a year to increase junior high school students’ interest in English conversation and to encourage self-development motivation to improve conversation skills.

Cooperation and support for the event organized by government, other organizations

we participate in various kinds of events, and are also doing support activities.
Some of the examples

Universal Ekiden Relay

Sponsorship NPO Japan Universal Sports Network

Tamagawa river cleanup cleaning activity

Sponsorship Government of Ota Ward

OTA Contact Festa

Sponsorship Government of Ota Ward