What is EDO kai

Edo kai stands for English conversation club from Ota.

We offer:
☺One coin English conversation salons, which anyone can join (500yen).
😄English conversation lessons (small classes)
😀Short term homestay and home visit opportunities
😊International exchange in Ota:
You can join us at local festivals and events with international guests.

Which is better for me English conversation salons or English lessons?

The main purpose of English salons is to make friends.
You will be able to brush up on your English speaking/listening skills in a friendly and fun atmosphere while discussing current events and playing games.
There’s no set curriculum or text book for salons.

English lessons are designed for those, who want to improve their language skills level through the study of grammer and conversation practice.
We recommend English classes if you are looking to improve your English proficiency.

However there’s no need to choose between the two.
You can take classes and enjoy English conversation salons, choosing the level that suit you best.

The philosophy of Edo kai

The philosophy of Edo kai is maximization of social impact through English learning and volunteer activities.
We hope to create a better community for learning and communication, promoting
volunteer activities.

Local community-based organization

EDO kai activities are aimed at bringing improvement in the social well being of the community members.
We contribute to the development of a coherent multicultural community and creation of sustained social change.
Community based EDO kai operates as civil society non-profit. We are a neighborhood association, a self-government association, an organization that promotes commerce and industry, an education organization, a welfare organization, an organization that connects foreigners living in Japan with local residents.

Establishment of Edo kai

EDO kai was established in November 2014 as an organization, which contributed to society through English conversation salons. By December 2017, EDO kai had 900 active members.
To make it easier for the growing number of volunteers to get together, in May 2016 EDO kai office was moved from its original location in Yukigaya ( Shotoku school ) to its current location near Kamata station.
We opened English conversation classes as a profit-making business. At EDO kai you can learn English for 70% of the price of major English conversation schools. We have excellent certified teachers with experience of studying and working abroad, who will help you improve your language skills.

EDO kai projects


  • One coin English conversation salons
  • English conversation classes
  • Short term homestay programs
  • International exchange
  • Ward residents mobilization movements

We are looking for people, who are interested in developing effective multicultural communication skills!

EDO kai members

To promote EDO kai and recruit new members we distribute flyers or brochures in community centers and other public places. On average, 10000 flyers are handed out every month by EDO kai members.
About 30 volunteers work together at Kamata office every day to support our projects and activities.

EDO kai organization structure and officers

EDO kai is a self-management organization, it consists of 800 members and 5 officers-volunteers.
Membership is renewed every year.
President : Kazutomo Terada
Secretariat : Kunio Koshigaya, Ken Hashizume